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Writing about writing

Today is one of those days that I’m really struggling to write. It’s odd, because writing is usually pretty easy for me, but when I don’t feel like I have anything worthwhile to say, it can be a chore, which it definitely is tonight. I’ve heard that one way around a block is to just start writing anything until the muse strikes (or bites, in my case), but now that I appear to be getting some real readers (as opposed to the amazing amount of spam comments I’ve received after blogging about dental phobias), I’m suddenly feeling shy, or at least uninspired.

I’ve had the opportunity to do a bit of creative writing lately (here on the blog and for another outlet which I can’t give much detail about right now), and have really enjoyed it. I also have a Stir the Embers writing project to work on – we’ve been taking some of our introductory workshop material and turning it into an online course or downloadable content for the website. Usually, my big challenge with writing is finding the time to write, and when I do make time, finding a place that is conducive to writing. I’m not much for sitting in a noisy coffee shop banging out the Great American Novel, but sometimes that’s all I’ve got.

I haven’t been particularly inspired by the daily WordPress suggested topics lately either, but with any luck this is only a temporary block and we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled blog posts tomorrow.