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Upcoming Travel

I’ve been doing a little travel research today because we have a lot of trips coming up in the next several months. Since Liam is a competitive TnT gymnast (tumbling and trampoline, for the non-gymnastics-savvy reader), we will be traveling to San Diego, San Jose, Poway, Costa Mesa, Bakersfield and Long Beach for meets this season (plus one additional meet whose location has not been announced yet). We also have a couple of trips to Disneyland planned and several trips to Tehachapi to visit my mom and sister. We may also work in another trip to Sacramento over spring break to stay with dear friends and visit some local historical sites. Whew! That’s a lot of time on the road!

I am a big fan of public transportation and try to use it as much as possible, but it seems as though travel in California is specifically designed not to work with public transportation. I’m especially fond of traveling by train, but sometimes it just doesn’t go where I need to go at the times I need to be there. We’re currently a one-car family, so this gets even more tricky since Grif, being new to his job, will most likely only be able to travel with us on the weekends.

I enjoy the adventure of travel, but to borrow a line from Sesame Street, sometimes a wee, little adventure is just right!