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Half-Marathon Training Part II

It was raining pretty hard this morning, so I skipped my regular training walk with my buddy and walked laps around Liam’s gym parking lot by myself this afternoon after the rain stopped. I wasn’t really dressed right for it (jeans, regular bra, worn out shoes), but I got 3.5 miles in which, when added to the half-mile we walked to the train station and the half-mile we walked from the train station to the gym, got me to my goal of 4.5 miles today.

What concerns me is that it was pretty slow. Over the past few weeks, my buddy and I have been walking what we I assumed was a one mile loop around the harbor (at least, that’s what Google Maps said!) and have, by her calculations, been keeping about a 14-16 minutes per mile pace the entire time. However, on Tuesdays when I walk by myself, I’m noticing that my pace is considerably slower (22-24 minutes per mile). Up until today, I’d assumed that I was slower because I didn’t have anyone to push me and I was walking a slightly hilly route rather than flat sidewalks, but today I walked around a flat parking lot and only managed 21 minutes per mile.

So, either my buddy and I have seriously underestimated how big the harbor loop actually is and I’m really that slow, or the impetus of keeping up with a walking partner (on hills or on a flat track) is really affecting my pace that much. Either way, I’m worried that I’ve bitten off more than I can chew with this half-marathon training goal. I’m definitely going to wear my own pedometer and check my own time when I walk from now on (rather than relying on my buddy to do it for me), but if my initial calculations are correct, I am way behind on my training schedule and that worries me.