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The Top 5 Things I’m Afraid to Write About

When I decided to start the WordPress One Post Per Day challenge I signed up for the daily email with a topic to write about. So far, I’ve been pretty uninspired by their suggested topics, but today’s really struck me – Make a List of 5 Things You’re Afraid to Write About. My first thought was, “Wow, only five things? I could go on and on,” but the truth is that I’m pretty open about writing and sharing what I think and how I feel, so now I’m wondering if I can actually come up with five things I’m afraid to write about. Still, if I’m honest (and that was my intention with this blog), here are my top five, in descending order:

5. Politics and Social Issues – My fear here stems from the old adage about never discussing politics, religion or sexual preferences in polite conversation. Really, though, my fear is that I’m not well versed on the issues (I studiously avoid mainstream news outlets) and that I’ll come across as ill-informed (which I am), ignorant (which I am about some things) and naive.

4. Money – having it, making it, keeping it, spending it. I’ve always had an uncomfortable, rocky relationship with money and I have a lot of fear and shame around my income level, my debt level, my credit history, and my financial stability.

3. My business – Specifically, my shortcomings in starting and maintaining a successful business. I feel like I have a lot of great ideas, but I haven’t had much success executing up to this point and I have a lot of shame around that.

2. Traumas in my past – I hope to use this blog to write about all my life experiences, but there are a few things in my past that I’m not sure I’m ready to open up about just yet. It is mostly involving some relationship issues in my teens and early adult years.

1. And finally, the thing I’m most afraid to write about is my true feelings about my relationships, not only with my husband and son but with everyone I’m very close to and very fond of. I’m afraid that if I write what I really think and how I really feel, it might get back to them and they might be angry, disappointed or hurt by what I’ve said.

Wow, that was amazingly cathartic. Maybe I’m not as afraid to write about these subjects as I thought I was.