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Living in the future

Tonight, I’m writing this blog post from my phone. It hasn’t been the exercise in frustration I anticipated, strangely (of course, I haven’t actually posted it yet), and the very fact that I can blog from my smartphone is wonderful and amazing and largely, I suspect, due to Steve Jobs.

I’m not an Apple or Mac person. I don’t have anything against them, I just made other choices when it came time to make technology purchases. My phone is an Android, my desktop and laptop computers are both PC-based and I never used Apple products in school. My father was a staunch IBM man and taught me early on to love all things DOS and, later, Windows. I have an underused iTunes account that I got to use with a hand-me-down, first generation iPod that I received as a gift (which promptly died, ufortunately), so I am far from qualified to sing the praises of Jobs, Apple or Mac.

I suspect, however, that if not for Steve Jobs and his vision, I would not be able to write a blog post with my thumbs using my phone and then put that blog post out on the internet for all the world (okay, no one yet) to see. I’m amazed, grateful and inspired to have lived in a century that has seen such advances and for that, I say, “Thanks, Steve. I promise to do my best to take this awesome ball of potential and do something with it.”