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Blogging in a Coffee Shop

I’m sitting in Elements coffee shop in Camarillo right now writing the blog post. Is that cliche? I feel so hipster.

I really like Elements because it is a small, independent coffee shop in Old Town Camarillo. The owner is here every day and is the only barista (or employee, for that matter) I’ve ever seen here when I come in. The shop itself isn’t very big, with a few tables covered in butcher paper for drawing upon and a couple of comfy couches. I’m usually here in the afternoons during the week, and it’s usually pretty full of studying college students, guitar-playing hipsters, young adults working feverishly on their laptops, and the occasional professional-looking older person checking their smart phones. I’m surprised at how many people seem to know each other here, because almost everyone seems to stop and chat at each other’s tables about everything and nothing.

I’m envious of those who can work in busy, crowded, noisy coffee shops and cafes. I am always amazed at how Grif can read or study when he and Liam hang out at our local Starbucks. I find it hard to concentrate on my work in public places because I’m easily distracted by conversations happening around me and I enjoy people watching too much. Even as I write this, there are two earnest young men at the table next to me discussing their fledging business (something Web 2.0, from the sound of it), and what they’re talking about is infinitely more interesting than the blog post I’m trying to write. Still, there’s something about the vibe of this place – it doesn’t feel pretentious or stuffy or fashionable – that lends itself to getting work done. It has a comfortable, relaxed but focused feel to it that seems to work for me.

Elements also has the added bonus of being a short walk from Liam’s gym, so I can stroll over while he’s working out and get some work done too. I hate the idea of losing 4+ hours of productivity three days per week, and not having to sit on those hard bleachers at the gym all that time is a huge plus.

So yeah, I’m sipping one of the best cafe lattes (with a touch of Splenda) I’ve ever had and writing a blog post on my laptop while sitting on a comfy couch in a little, independent coffee shop that offers free wi-fi. And I’m okay with that.