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Writing About Fear

Today’s One Post Per Day writing challenge was to pick one of the fears I listed yesterday (The Top 5 Things I’m Afraid To Write About) and actually write about it, or at least write about why I’m afraid to write about it. How did I know that was coming? Actually, though, having published my top five writing topic fears for all the world to see (and interestingly, that post has gotten the most hits by far), they don’t seem nearly as scary as they did yesterday. Maybe that was the point?

The real challenge for me today, then, is to decide which fear I’m comfortable writing about. The one that keeps popping into my head is my fear of writing about my business. I’ve tried to start several businesses over the past 20+ years and have had very limited success each time. The “failure to launch” part doesn’t bother me as much as embarrassment of having to admit that my grand scheme didn’t work. This is especially bad now that Twitter, Facebook, blogging and the like make it so easy to publicize every hope, dream, thought and idea that pops into one’s head, whether it’s viable or not. In a nutshell, after having told everyone about my latest and greatest business idea and gotten started down the path, it is painful to have to admit that I haven’t been able to be successful at it or make it work like I’d hoped.