Turning 50 in 2015

I’m turning 50 this year. I’m not embarrassed to admit it, because I am damn glad to still be kicking around the planet after doing my best to live up to the expression “live fast, die young, leave a beautiful corpse” in my sordid youth, and after surviving a ruptured appendix a few years ago.

I had originally intended to celebrate my half-century mark by taking an extended trip to Disney World and the surrounding parks later this year, but the hubby and the teenager aren’t really interested in that sort of thing, and the logistics of a trip like that are proving difficult (not to mention expensive). It seems a shame not to mark the occasion in some way, but I’m having a hard time deciding how. I had a fairly major do for my birthday last year, so I’m less inclined to throw a big party and besides, it’s my friend Brian’s turn, since we share a birthday and he had to play second fiddle to me during the celebration last year.

I enjoy traveling, so that is always high on my list of things to do, and I had a great time celebrating my 40th birthday with a day at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa, which definitely has its appeal. I’ve been reading a lot about folks who do the whole “random acts of kindness/pay it forward” thing on their birthdays, which sounds really cool too.

What do you think? Did you spend your last landmark birthday in a memorable way? Do you have any ideas about special ways I can mark the day?


About lisacle

Author, homeschooling mom of an amazing kid and circus acrobat-in-training, loom-knitter, wanna-be pirate and steam punk, history buff.

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  1. Big numbers need big parties. Let’s go somewhere and take it over like a street gang. Brian can come, too. 😀

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