Flash Fiction Challenge – the randomized title rears its head

Once again, Chuck Wendig has issued a Flash Fiction challenge. This time, we were challenged to write a <1500-word story based on a title derived from two randomly chosen words from a list he provided (one from Column A, one from Column B). The link to his original blog post (and if you’re not a regular reader of Chuck’s blog, I highly recommend you become one) is here.

I ended up with the title Endless Screwdriver. Here is what I came up with:


Endless Screwdrivers

“Dude, remember the Endless Screwdrivers Night at The Beach Shack?”

“No, and neither do you. You were unconscious when Security threw us out. The guy had you slung over his shoulder like a duffel bag.”

“Oh yeah! That was so epic!”

“Epic? No. Foolish? Yes. I’m amazed we didn’t both wind up dead, or in a bathtub full of ice with a kidney missing.”

“Remember that guy who kept trying to pull off your shirt?”

“Vaguely. I remember tracking down the bouncer and getting someone thrown out. How the hell did we manage to not get arrested?”

“Clean livin’, friend. Clean livin’. Remember that girl with the green sweater dress and the tongue piercing?”

“Oh yeah, she was hot. It’s true what they say about tongue piercings, you know. She did this thing where she flicked her tongue …”

“We should totally go back there.”

“What? No, we shouldn’t. Tiny threatened to kill us if we ever showed up there again!”

“Aw, he didn’t mean it. He was just drunk. You know how he gets.”

“I don’t know, dude, he was really pissed when you smashed his entire pack of cigarettes.”

“It’s not my fault he can’t take a joke. Everybody else at the bar thought it was funny, though.”

“That’s not the way I remember it. Anyway, I can’t do screwdrivers anymore. Ever since that night, the smell of orange juice makes me want to puke. I was hungover for three days!”

“You’re losing your touch, dude!”

“Whatever. Endless screwdrivers isn’t it, even if it is cheap.”

“You know, Paco’s is doing two-for-one shots all night …”

“No …”

… and I know how much you like your tequila?”

“No …”

“Come on, you know you wanna. Besides, two-for-one is like a built-in regulator. Once we’re out of money, we have to stop drinking.”

“You do have a point …”

“I’ll text Heidi. She’ll come with us.”

“What? You didn’t tell me Heidi was back in town!”

“I’ll pick you up at 9pm. Wear your dancing shoes! We’re going to salsa!”

“Okay, but only because we haven’t hung with Heidi since that trip to Cabo.”

“Oh yeah, I’d forgotten about Cabo. Dude, that was epic!”


About lisacle

Author, homeschooling mom of an amazing kid and circus acrobat-in-training, loom-knitter, wanna-be pirate and steam punk, history buff.

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