Before we begin the serial …

Well, it looks like I’ll be posting the chapters of By the Queen’s Command here rather than on my website, because according to Grif there’s a bit of work to be done before it is presentable for guests. He is a busy man and my web dev skills are seriously rusty, so until such time as we can get Cauldron Concoctions up and running in an acceptable fashion, I’ll serialize the novel here. Besides, I’m impatient and want to start releasing the chapters now rather than wait until we get around to updating the website.

A few thoughts, before we begin:

1. My plan is to post a new chapter here on the blog every day. There are 40 chapters, so with any luck I’ll have the entire book up on the blog by the middle of June. I’ll probably post each chapter in the morning, but life does occasionally get in the way, so don’t hold me to that schedule.

2. There is no charge to read the book on my blog, except for your own time and bandwidth. For those who read more quickly than one chapter a day (or who’d rather have a copy of their very own to read at their own pace), the entire book is currently on Amazon/Kindle at this link:

3. I will post the book for purchase on B&N/Nook and Smashwords as well, and I’ll post those links as soon as they’re live.

4. Comments are moderated but as long as you’re not spamming or trolling, I’m pretty quick to approve comments and get them posted. Please feel free to post comments if you’re moved to do so.

5. Once I post a chapter, it will be here for all eternity (or until WordPress goes away), so don’t worry if you can’t log in to read each new chapter every day or if you get behind. They’ll be here waiting for you.

6. Some of the chapters are long and some of them are short. If there are a couple of short ones back to back, I may post them together. I make you no promises, though. What do you want for free? 😎


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Author, homeschooling mom of an amazing kid and circus acrobat-in-training, loom-knitter, wanna-be pirate and steam punk, history buff.

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